T-shirt Care Guide

1. Separate washing: Wash T-shirts separately from clothes of similar colors to avoid staining.
2. Mild detergent: Avoid using washing products containing bleach or strong alkaline.
3. Appropriate Water Temperature: Cold or lukewarm water is recommended for washing.
4. Avoid friction: Use the gentle mode of the washing machine or hand wash.
5. Turn the garment over: Turn the T-shirt over so that the inner layer is facing out before washing.
6. Rinse well: Make sure the T-shirt is rinsed thoroughly to avoid irritating your child's skin.
7. Avoid over-drying: Air drying or tumble drying on a low temperature is recommended.
8. Handling decorations: If there are prints, embroideries or other decorations on the T-shirt, be especially careful when washing, avoid rubbing or brushing to avoid damaging the decorations.