Baby's Health Reminder

To every mother and father,

Hello, this is Woodemon name puzzle. We have noticed that a large number of imitators have appeared on the market in the past month. They crawled our pictures, designs, and reviews to sell products without our permission.

We encourage competitors to appear in the market so that businesses can quickly iterate products and provide consumers with better products. The original intention of Woodemon is to make exquisite gifts for every lovely baby. Healthy and full of childlike interest are the causes we are committed to.

In terms of raw materials, we choose local premium quality wood to make basswood, and the coloring is also the safest water-based dyeing process in the industry. We first ensure that the materials and processes are NON-TOXIC, and the purpose is to protect the health of every baby.

In the current market, many unknown merchants use our pictures for sale, and we cannot guarantee the safety of raw materials and processes for the products they sell. Please confirm that you are purchasing for when purchasing. If there is any damage to your baby due to purchases on other websites, we will not assume any legal risks and responsibilities. Thank you for your support of Woodemon Name Puzzle.


Woodemon name puzzle